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Recover your well-being through massages

In our thermal centre we carry out therapeutic and relaxing massages after each mud therapy session. The main goal of our massages is to tone up and stimulate skin and muscles and increase the therapeutic effect of the mud, making it last longer.

Our expert masseurs will take care of you with personalized treatments which are planned according to your body’s needs. We can offer a wide choice of massages to meet all of your needs, from Ayurvedic massage to lymph drainage, plantar reflexology, massages for stress and pain relief, to treat cellulite...

Our relaxation experiences...

Stimulating massage
Special massage
Total massage
30-minute lymph-drainage
1-hour lymph-drainage
Plantar reflexology
Stone Massage
Indian massage
Ayurvedic massage
Tibetan massage
Californian massage
Massage with four hands
Pinda Sweda
Lomy Lomy Nui
Myofascial massage