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The ancient heart of Euganean Therme

The city of Abano Terme lies at the foot of the Euganean Hills, which formed about 34 million years ago as a consequence of intense submarine volcanic eruptions. The peculiar chemical composition of this special territory made it the most ancient and the most prestigious thermal centre in Europe.

Renowned destination for poets and writers, such as illustrious Francesco Petrarca and Pietro Bembo, Abano Terme has been chosen since the time of ancient Romans for it healing properties, based on the oldest natural remedies known by men.

Abano Terme is still the best place to take care of your well-being, enjoying the countless benefits of our thermal water which is rich in trace elements, and our thermal mud which is famous for its therapeutic properties.

Our well-being centre

Located in a charming and evocative scenery surrounded by history and nature, our well-being centre is equipped with a thermal pool with hydromassage, reclining chairs, aroma-chromatic showers and vascular treatments, all at your disposal.

Our highly qualified staff takes care of your health and pampers you with full treatments.

A special stay

In our well-being centre you can plunge into beneficial thermal water and get lost in the aroma of essential oils and fluids, and you can feel pampered by knowledgeable hands which know how to completely regenerate your resources.

Stay at Gazzella Bianca, and you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of an unforgettable and unique well-being holiday.


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Thermal therapy