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The lockdown due to coronavirus has forced us all to stay home. When activities open again, what expects us is a change in our habits and a general rethinking of business practices.

Stopping everything for some months has been a hard hit for companies in general, but the real problem is another one.

The true difficulty will be the management of the famous “Phase Two”. After a lengthy period of inactivity, we can’t wait to open again, but we are aware that we can’t go back to the habits we miss.

We will have to deal with strict regulations and tough restrictions which will change the holiday in a SPA as we knew it.

We are acting on several fronts to offer our hotel’s services in safety and allow the company to successfully cope with this unprecedented crisis.

We have always made an effort to offer our clients a service with very high quality standards, in the hotel services as well as in the health services. Even more so in this period, we want to reassure you of the strictest implementation of ministerial protocols and business practices which are aimed at the room sanitation and more in general to the prevention of Covid-19 infection risks.
Gazzella Bianca is a health facility acknowledged by the National Health System, hence we have always managed our rooms with extreme care for public health and hygiene. We want to reassure you that, when you come back to visit us, you will find the highest health and hygiene quality. You will stay in rooms which, as usual, will pamper you, give you rest, regenerate you, heal you, rehabilitate you. All of this with safety guaranteed at the highest possible level.

What we are working on:
  • we are implementing all the protection devices (individual and collective) which are necessary to the safe functioning of the facilities
  • we are working with qualified professionals to form our staff on the management of the procedures to be put into practice in the hotel
  • we are sanitizing all the rooms in a way that is more meticulous than ever, even more meticulous than we have ever done
  • we are planning a reorganization of the spaces and services to guarantee a stay that will be comfortable but above all safe
What we are planning for our new start:
  • as soon as we get the green light, we will create contents to communicate how we have decided to manage the reopening; we will inform you on the precautions you should adopt to access our facilities, the opening times, the conditions for the access to the hotel and the health services, etc.
What we will provide:
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), complete and suitable for all needs: masks, barrier screens, sanitizing gels, disinfectants for the cleaning of our tools, single-use gloves, etc.
  • deep and frequent cleaning of all the rooms
  • installation of ozone air purification devices in the building
  • common areas marked with safety distance signs where necessary
  • other actions will be adopted as soon as confirmed by the Ministry